Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to play

In one of my shoulderbags this morning I found a treasure. I pulled out the packet hiding inside and wondered what it contained. It was a surprise as I cannot even remember purchasing these little critters. I immediately began poking my thumb to their base and they rewarded me with a merry dance. Although their movement is not poetry in motion, they entertain. Why did I buy these? Thinking back, I must have been captured by their whimsical nature that stirred a childhood nostalgia. Who can resist that Hippo's cute face or that monkey stance? And Charlie, the crocodile, is performing a tummy flip.

Chocolate Moments.........
Yesterday, Hubby and I celebrated 27 years of marriage. We enjoyed a coffee at our favourite coffee shop and that was it. I considered repeating the activity we did 2 years ago when we wrote each other a letter that listed all the little things we enjoy in our marriage and, yes, we also could include those "nigglies" that annoy us. It was a humorous experience...after sharing life together for this many years, there ain't many secrets. After years of endless energy and zest, my hubby woke up one morning in early September feeling very ill. It happened that quickly! Thank the Lord he has now recovered so enjoying our time together is a celebration every day.
I have had to take a break from my quest to complete the many crochet UFOs that take up space in this house but not for long. To give my hand a rest, I did some sewing these past few days. I will show some photos in due course.

This is the culprit!

I was merrily cruising along with this blanket when the pointer finger of my right hand let me know it had had enough. Now, you may ask how can I sew when this finger is part of the work package when it comes to sewing... strangely, it was fine.
Today, being Saturday, I am off to do some window shopping with my friend and I am sure we will not neglect browsing in craft shops.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow! You're a crochet whizz! All the little flowers look lovely, I'm glad I don't have to sew them all together though.