Thursday, January 8, 2009

The arrival of the "Big Wet"

Living in the tropics is paradise in Winter -May to July. Every year I am reminded how close to perfect this place is when every day is crisp cool and the sky is so blue it dazzles. Come November and we all lament that we would rather not have perpetual saunas. It is hot,humid and the sun is ferociously hot. We live in airconditioned comfort and hibernate...only venturing out if necessary. (at least that's what I do) From January to March is our " big wet" season and this year it has lived up to its name. Everything looks green and my plants thrive in this rain. As I would rather spend my time with my craft, I have slowly replaced all the high maintenance plants with ones that came with" I am strong, I am invincible" tags. My favourite flowering ones are the orchids and the bromeliads. These are tough and can be thrown anywhere in this climate.

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