Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wet and Wild

A quick check to see if I have sorted the blog date on my post. My friend Max was on the shed wall this morning. The first time I spotted him, he gave me a terrible fright and I was ready to call the Wildlife people to come and take him. Now , we have an understanding ... he stays out of my way and I let him reside in the shed where hopefully he will dine on any bugs.

The weekend has been gloomy and wet and there is a category 1 cyclone developing in our region. The weather bureau is predicting it will not intensify and it will cross the coast south of where I live. The weather is quite different to the last few weeks and with this cyclonic rain it is much cooler. Nice weather for delicious hot bread.

One of my nephews married his partner recently and this is the hex afghan I sent them.

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