Friday, January 7, 2011

Corners in my home

Twice in one day! I have minimal traffic here... I use my blog to show rather more than tell.  This year I have shown little due to family circumstances. It is a great way to document my progress and productions. The yoyo mat is for my daughter as she fell in love with mine. The yoyos are 1 inch .... now the big decision... will I border in Moss green or not?

The corner where I tend to sit and crochet.

My old Singer and friends

Fish bowl...sans fish... now a marble jar

To be completed for daughter ... requested the colour Jade. I think it I have met her request:)

Squares all finished ...need to join the rest of these so it is not hanging about.

January Zest

January has seen more sewing ... I am organising all my small scraps and making some cushions. I am hoping to store some so that I have some ready-made gifts for birthdays during this coming year. I am enjoying combining odd colours and so far am pleased with the results. Some of these fabrics date back 10-30 years...all are cotton.