Thursday, January 14, 2010

Green Theme

Today I thought I would continue with the green theme. I spent the earlier part of the day repotting some plants and cutting back some of the growth in my garden. The rains have turned my garden verdant but unfortunately the weeds are lush as well. The heat and the humidity sends me inside by mid morning and then I spend the rest of the day trying to keep cool.

One of my favourite greens is the border I worked on this Field of Flowers blanket.

In September I went to Italy with a group of my Italian Class students and as we climbed tucked away steps in Rome to visit an interesting church this was the view that motivated our tired legs.

A set of potholders I made for a co -worker
New covers made 2 weeks ago for my patio furniture. A variation of green ...aqua and brown
Another tini bag made by DD2
The view from one side of my home
Today after a general tidy -up of the home I sat and did some stitchery as both my sewing machines have had to go in for a service and clean. I am enjoying the gentle rhythm of hand sewing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Behind the green door

Hello to those who may stumble to this blog.....Come in and I would love to hear from you.
My front door really needs replacing .... but I decided to sand it and give it a coat of paint. I believe it will hang around for a few more years. The colour I chose is called AMAZON QUEEN and I am pleased with the result.

Happy New Year to you all. I have not blogged for for ever as I lost interest and found other pastimes. I have decided that I will resume as this way I can keep a record of projects my daughter and I make. My daughter sewing????? Wonders will never cease! DD2 has never shown any interest in this art as she was more into acrylic and oil art. Last November she asked if I could buy her a sewing machine for her birthday. Of course... but I have to admit I was rather cautious when it came to buying this gift. Should I go all out and buy her a machine with all the bells or a reliable work horse? She came home from Uni so off we went to my local Bernina store. She made the choice at the end and talked me into buying her a Bernette. I was rather sceptical as I wanted a Bernina and not her little sister Bernette.

A few weeks later..... mamma is very proud and extremely delighted as she has taken to sewing big time. Here are some of her works... this from someone who refused to even handle a sewing needle when encouraged before this.

A tulle petticoat

A lovely little bag with zip closure

... and her first dress

She has also made a patchwork table runner and more.

I have been doing much more sewing these holidays and have taken a break from crocheting. I had been given a few packs of curtain samples years ago so have now produced a few quilts. I have only taken a photo of this one.

I have been reading some blogs that show the extreme cold in Europe as I sit here in the extreme heat. I send all of you in the freezing cold some warm sunshine.