Saturday, February 14, 2009

My affair with craft

This week has been a rollercoast ride as usual. This year 3 of us who teach Italian are going with 20 students to Italy. The week has been filled with phone calls from parents who want their girls to go on this trip. We originally thought that in this economic climate we may have bitten off more than we could chew but that is not the case. So in September....The 22 September to be precise, the Italian ladies are off and away for 2 weeks to Rome, Venice , Florence and Siena. Below are the ladies - I am the short one.... there is MS F and MRS D and MRS F(me).
I love going to Italy and always feel at home there. I was born in Australia to Italian migrants so I always manage to catch up with family (near Venice) when I go with the students.

What has been happening with craft this week ? I completed this unfinished piece . ..

I love re-discovering ways to complete UFOs. The squares for the above Pink Daisy spread were made a couple of years ago and the design was modified for the finished product.

Don't you just love the possibilities of colour and design craft offers? I am almost always surprised with the end product as I rarely stick to the originally plan.

So on to my next one.... A bag of green/blue and lemon squares + a few left over motifs from the "Pink Daisy " = my Lilly Pond blanket.

and another drive to use up odd skeins is becoming a Razzle Dazzle Square Blanket.