Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventures in April

Angels and birds watch over my home. The birds are missing... where are they? I remember now. I had given them a clean and had not returned them to this sunny corner.

Lampshades' first coat of white paint.
These were a pain to paint but in the end I did not worry if some brown stain showed. The overall effect is a big improvement.

I have been on school holidays and have revitalised my energy. I always plan to do so much and never seem to achieve all that I want to do. This week I finally made a decision about my 80s light shades. Iwish I had taken a photo before I began the project. Just imagine the look of that era with tassels. I ripped the tassels off, scrubbed the shade and began giving them a white paint coat. Now, I could well see my way to a lighing shop to purchase new ones but I love these and I am determined that they will live for a few more years in my home. They now hang and already I have had a few comments from friends who admired them. The consensus is that the shades are very shabby chic.

The patio area really needs some attention and with the heavy rain we have had my garden has become a jungle again. This is next on the list. I did manage to sew new cushion covers for the wicker chairs.

I bought the wicker set of chairs from a secondhand place and they had been painted grey and the cushions were dark purple. The cushions are now an aqua colour with a chocolate pattern.

I painted the wicker white.

My garden needs some TLC and I need to repot some pots.

My youngest daugther spent a week at home. She has now returned to Uni in Brisbane and I miss her.

This is my baby when she turned 18 in November.


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  1. G'day Ines
    Thanks for popping over to my place... we must live in the same state of Oz... Yes I have a real love affair with Broms but am fast running out of room but I do keep sneaking an extra here & there... well they do have pups I tell my hubby...
    Love your lampshades - I had some of these at our old house... you know you will be putting those tassels back on before you know it as that will be the fashion again...
    Love your wicker chairs with the great looking crocheted cushion... love wicker chairs but don't have any at this house...
    Have a great day... Bethel