Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome....Take a Seat

Yes, take a rest and drink a tea as you read about my week in craftland.

Firstly, the wooden chair that I picked up very cheaply as it was damaged and the wood was very rough has finally been sanded and now it is waiting for me to decide if I will paint it a lime green or red .....or if I will give it a distressed look.

This week I also made a rug for my daughter and as I challenge myself to use fabric and other odds I have, I managed to pull apart a dress that I must have had in the 70s and cut up one of my husband's shirts and then added to these initial starting blocks. She wants it for a Queen size bed so it is quite large.

Here it is straight off the sewing machine. I have now caught a slight case of Fabricitis. I am cutting more squares to make another one. Hopefully, I will NOT be tempted to go to the Quilting store to buy more fabric .... must remember the goal to use up what I have!!!

The LIttle Voice in my head sometimes will not listen to reason especially when I cruise into BLOGLAND. This week I was dazzled by Aneela's work on her blog . My mouth dropped down to my feet and that's where it remained. I was also blown away by her generous giveaway.... an amazingly beautiful quilt in the most delightful colours!!!!!

I may rediscover patchwork and quilting as it has been quite a few years since I persued this art. Here are a couple that I made back in the early 2000. I did not have a digital at that time so these are scans of photos.

This was for my mum.

I love this one and wished I had made it for myself. This one was a quilt for my daughter's best friend. This one was HUGE !!! It is bordered in a paisley print.

For a baby girl.

What is happening in the yarn department? I finally completed a round pillow that has been in my "must finish" pile for about a year.

..... and I am 3/4 of the way with my Millefiori creation.

That's all folks for another week.
Signing off as I enjoy another Sunday of productivity .... hopefully:)


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